Big Trash Removal


How much do you charge?

Without seeing your trash it is difficult to give you and exact price but generally we charge between $99.00 to $599.00 per load. How full the truck is determines the charge for the job. Additional charges may be added depending on what type of job it is and what type of trash we are hauling. Sales tax not included in these prices.

Can you give me an estimate?

Yes, give us a call 7 days a week @ 716-570-3667 and we will send out a team member to give you an upfront price, or you can fill out our estimate form online and someone will contact you soon.

Are there any additional dumping charges?

Our price includes all dumping charges. For some jobs there will be additional charges, all charges will be discussed with you and included in the price we quote you.

Do you use trucks or trailers?

We use BIG dump trucks.

Is it cheaper to rent a dumpster?

Sometimes renting a dumpster, hiring a crew to do the loading and finding a place to put the dumpster may be a little overwhelming. Our prices are very competitive to dumpster rental and we do all the loading and clean up.

How big is your truck?

The dimensions of the dump bodies on your trucks are 14ft long, 8ft wide and 5ft high. Our trucks are bigger than the competition which gives you more savings per cubic foot

How soon can you do the job?

Usually immediately, if not that same day we can schedule your job within 1 day or at your convenience. Responding quickly sets us apart from the competition, feel free to call us anytime 7 days a week; we are on call to serve you.

Where do you take the trash?

We dump at different residential and commercial dumpsites within the Buffalo, NY area.

Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured (liability and NYS comp).

Are you able to take anything?

No. We must follow local and state guidelines for dumping. We are not allowed to accept hazardous materials like asbestos, explosives, dangerous materials, oxygen tanks, tires and all other items that must be disposed of properly.

What can you take?

General household items: trash, furniture, building materials, tree branches etc. We can also take refrigerators and freezers.

Do you recycle?

Yes, all items that are recyclable, we recycle.

Can you leave your truck and I do the loading?

It depends on what our schedule is like. Sometimes we can offer this option at a reduced rate if one of our trucks are available.  This is common for roof tear off jobs where we can place the truck close to the house and as you are tearing off you can load the truck at the same time; please call us in advance for a job like this so that we can schedule to have a truck available for a day or two.

How do you accept payment?

We accept cash, check, credit cards and paypal.